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Tel: +90 850 724 0869

Mahatma Gandhi Cad. No: 88/6
G.O.P Ankara / TURKEY

"Voxporta is the shell under which ideas come to life and take the shape of a simple solution for a user."


LEAPvoX SMB All-in-one

Telefon santralı, GSM, e-posta-faks-web sunucu ve mobil telefon entegrasyonu tek bir cihazda toplandı! Ofisinizin haberleşme giderlerini azaltmak sizin elinizde

LEAPvoX Enterprise IP PBX

Onbinlerce abone ve yüzlerce dış hat kapasitesine kadar büyüyebilen profesyonel IP Telefon Santralı! Lisans bedellerine ve sevmediğiniz telefon modellerine mahkum olmaya son.

Call Center Systems

Siz esas işlerinize odaklanırken LEAPvoX® Çağrı Merkezi Sistemi, sizin değerli müşterilerinizi memnun etmenizi sağlayan iletişim altyapısını ve satış kanalınızı sağlar.

Electronic Fax Systems

Akıllı faks sistemi ile kurumunuzun faks iletişim artık güvenli ve verimli bir şekilde elektronik ortama taşınabiliyor. Üstelik faks giderlerinde kayda değer düşüşler sağlayarak.

Video Conferencing

İkili görüntülü görüşme, çoklu telekonferans, toplantı odası bağlantısı, canlı yayın, eğitim yayınları ve çoklu video görüşmeler LEAPvoX® ile daha kolay ve 

Cloud PBX Solutions

Ses operatörlerinin müşterilerine sanal (bulut) telefon santralı, çağrı merkezi, video konferans ve akıllı faks hizmeti vermelerini sağlayan çok kiracılı yazılım altyapısı LEAPCloud.




Voxporta, a subsidiary of Evregroup, was set up in 2011 based on a bet to squeeze a cabinet full of communication devices at our office down to an acceptable size for small businesses. To that end, our first product LEAPvoX® was launched in 2012. It is a unique “all-in-one” solution in combining many functions into one small box. All your e-mail, internet and telephone communication needs are met by one single device which handles everything while you do what you do best.


We were able to utilize the same patent pending approach in bigger systems, which led to the introduction of LEAPvoX® Enterprise line of products that can serve a wider audience; from a few hundred users to organizations that employ thousands. We have also added advanced fax and video conferencing systems to offer our customers the same “all-in-one” solution on a much larger scale, without compromising simplicity, affordability and expandability.

Voxporta's software team works to bring your ideas to life. We are known to take some of our own to businesses too. Our main focus is mobile solutions in areas where mobile solutions are mostly an afterthought. We bring your business to your client in unique ways to help you know your clients better.

We achieve what we do by combining hardware design with software ingenuity. Our team consists of people from many fields of technology and business, sharing one common trait; all are dreamers in their own field.

These things always start with an idea. What is unique about Voxporta is that it is still an idea in development. We have turned some of them into products, but the overall idea of making gadgets and software that are functional, simple and affordable to any size of business is a work in progress.

We'll keep dreaming. So should you.